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SCHOONER YACHTS works with leading Marine Insurance Providers who have direct access to most of the leading U.S. and international recreational marine boat insurance and yacht insurance underwriters. Because of our constant communication with the marketplace and ability to access those underwriters, they are able to provide the broadest coverage at the best terms to our clients. Most importantly, in time of loss, a Marine Insurance Specialist is ready to advise and assist in the settlement of claims.

We are constantly in touch with surveyors and claims adjusters worldwide, and are fully committed to fair and equitable claims settlements for the insured. We Work With the Finest Insurers: Our Partner Companies And The Finest Insured: Our Clients Marine Insurance specialists can arrange insurance coverage for all categories of yachts and pleasure craft worldwide. They provide the finest and most affordable marine boat and yacht insurance products available.

Marine insurers represent the yachting spectrum from coastal cruising small boats to mega yachts worldwide. Let the SCHOONER team assist you!

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